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  Jul - aug 2014
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    Chapter 1 » the latest
  16 new openings
Get the latest information on newest lifestyle oriented resorts, stores and boutiques.
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Get the latest information on newest beauty products
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Get the latest information on newest books
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Get the latest information on newest movies
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Get the latest information on newest fashion products
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22-24gadgets & home living
Get the latest information on newest gadgets and home living decor
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Get the latest information on newest music
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32-34the diary
Get the latest information on upcoming 2013 events
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    Chapter 2 » the home
  38House of stylish living
Resurrecting the spirited savoir-faire of old for today’s art of living
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45-54property news
Get the latest information on Tropicana Corporation's property ventures
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    Chapter 3 » the experiences
  55An Interview with Vanisha sritharan:
Read about an interview with Vanisha Sritharan
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  64-67Mademoiselle chanel
Fashion of the 20th century has never been the same since Coco Chanel made her stamp
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  70-73Making golf sexy again
Welcome to the land of beaches and nightlife which also happens to be backyard of many professinal PGA Golfers
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60-63paris a la mode
For The World’s Cognoscenti, PARIS remains the atelier of stylish living and haute couture.
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68-69evoking interest
If presence is unmistake.The range rover Evoque can command your attention
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    Chapter 4 » the look
  78-91 fashion. style wave. accessories.                  Beauty. Style wave
Bring out the seductress in you and spoil yourself in this season's sexy shapes and fabrics
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    Chapter 5 » the taste
  98-99THE honest chef
Read about Chef Mickael Cornutrait.
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  108-109the drinks
A fashion drink for the urbanite female?
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  122the list
A list of important contacts to keep in mind
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100-105the dishes
Find out more about delicious dishes from Tropicana City Mall and Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
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111the scene
Keep tabs on the latest happenings in town
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126the last goodbye: Beatrice looi
An interview with Beatrice Looi.
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