Featuring interesting water hazards, this “user-friendly” West Course nevertheless teases golfers with a mix of waterways, dog-legged fairways and a good distribution of sand traps. Rock formations, casual waterfalls, creeks and various flora makes up the extensive landscaping of the course.
Hole Description of West Course    
This strong opening Par 4 hole gets us underway on the second leg of your journey through this challenging course. Most drives will run to the left side of the fairway, therefore, the tee shot should be started down the right side to create a clear line into a green guarded by traps on the left. Any drives finding the fairway traps will result in an awkward approach shot. The green is slightly uphill from the driving zone, so approach shots must be hit firmly.
This Par 4 doglegs steeply to the right, so the positioning of the drive is critical in attaining a clear view to the green. The ideal position to be is right of centre of the fairway, close to the trap. Any balls straying too far left from the tee will be directed further away by a step in the fairway. Strong players may consider carrying the trap on the right, promoting a much shorter shot to the green. Beware the water lurking behind the green.
The first Par 3 is a beautiful hole with the tees set in amongst the rockwork. Water borders the left side of the hole, while bunkers are scattered around the putting surface. Rear left pin position will prove to be a stern test from the tee.
An exciting hole that proves short Par 4s can also be a great challenge. You can either choose to lay up short of the water towards the generous landing zone, resulting in a short iron to the flag or the big hitters can have a go at carrying the water and be rewarded with a short chip to the green.
A picturesque golf hole, the Par 4 features a beautiful lake meandering down and cutting the fairway in two. The drive must be played short of the water, as those straying too far away from the lake will find themselves in a fairway trap, which could result in a very difficult approach indeed. A solitary greenish bunker appears on the left of the green and the small ponds lie awake like sentries, on the right.
Probably one of the most picturesque holes on the layout, the Par 4 features a fairway that is accompanied by a lake along the entire left edge, whilst the rockwork and a sleeper retaining wall add a rugged character for effect. The water continues to follow the fairway up to the green, but a long expanse of sand creates a “soft penalty” for those entering too close. A long green will again allow for a variety of pin placements with the rear positions providing a keen test.
A short but uphill Par 5 with a real estate figuring along the left side of the border, the fairway trap on the left side promotes play away from the homes, however, some deep hollows separate the 9th fairway on the right. There is an opportunity to reach the green in two shots, but much sand awaits those not accurate enough. Players can choose to lay up and leave only a short iron to the pin.
A terrific short Par 3 hole with much undulating terrain between the tee and green, which requires accuracy rather than distance as the target is only small. Numerous greenside traps and grassy hollows lie in wait for those missing the green but don’t be shy to take your shot, as players judging the distance correctly will be rewarded with pars and birdies. A rewarding crescendo to your revolutionary Tropicana golfing experience!
A memorable Par 5 to complete the West Course with breathtaking views through a series of ponds and water cascades on the right. The finishing touch to your well-played game, the drive should avoid the fairway traps on the left, as it will prove to be the nest line of play. Once again, big hitters will be given the chance to get home in two, but the shorter of the traps will require a very short third to the pin, with the welcoming colonial-style Tropicana clubhouse providing a spectacular backdrop and conclusion to your rewarding game.
“This is the only clubhouse in Malaysia that has got everything.” – Datuk H.M. Shah, golf veteran of 40 years.