When golf devotees talk about the famed Tropicana golf course, it is usually the East Course to which they refer. Termed as challenging yet friendly, this nine-hole course is built upon former rubber plantation terrain, which makes it naturally suited for a golf course, and boasts Greenlees Park Couch grass for the fairways and Tifdwarf on the greens. Picturesque landscaping comprising exotic palms and plants complements the rest of the course to please the eye and soothe the mind of golfers at play.
Hole Description of East Course 1    
This beautifully challenging Par 4 kicks off your revolutionary golf experience at Tropicana. Framed by a series of water cascades, you will need a good straight tee, which will land you straight on the receptive green. From the tee you will stare down a steep water slope on the left and a strong ridge guarding deep grassy hollows on the right.
An exciting Par 4 hole, you will need to conquer by favouring accuracy, bearing in mind that the fairway heads downhill towards a well protected green. A medium range iron should put your second shot on the green, but keep a look out for the sand bunkers and grassy hollows surrounding the green after you tee, as well as the water hazard that sits deceptively at the end of the fairway.
This Par 3 has one of the most scenic views through water cascades and a connected pond, but it also holds quite a challenge as two large bunkers guard the left of the green, and if you go too much to the right you may end up in the grassy hollows which would make it a difficult chip to the pin.
An interesting Par 5 hole with a narrow fairway that slightly doglegs to the left, a drive to the fairway may find the bunkers and a watery grave. The second lay-up shot should stop just before the lake fronting the green followed by a shot carrying over the lake to meet the well-protected green.
This is one of the more difficult Par 4s on the course that requires pinpoint accuracy and a lot of nerves. From the tee box, you will need to take a narrow shot to avoid the watery grave on the right, while tee shots straying too far left will end up in the flower bed slope or the undulated lie. The trick is to keep the ball in the middle of the fairway on the second approach shot as traps protect both sides of the green and water lurks at the rear.
A challenging Par 5 that utilises the lay of the land for best results. The hole slightly doglegs uphill to the left, and a drive to the inside of the dogleg can give you an extra 10 to 20 metre run which will lay you up for your charge at the second lay-up shot just before the green for a better view of the well guarded pin.
This is a long uphill Par 4 hole that requires you to keep more to the right to avoid the out of bounds area beyond the fencing on your left. A good drive will ensure an easy approach to a receptive green.
Take your irons to the task with this open view downhill Par 3. The challenge is to avoid the two large bunkers guarding the green on your right, but the view from the elevated tee will give you a good view of the fairway as well as the peaceful surroundings.
A fitting long Par 4 to make your revolutionary experience an interesting one. You will need a drive that stays out of the right side fairway trap as trying to reach the green from bunker is quite impossible. Choose your club well for the approach shot to the green surrounded by water in the front and bunkers on both sides.